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Building a community around your product or service

Customer Loyalty

When you want to have success for your product or brand, build a community around it.  Your community will consume your product or utilise your services and if managed well, will increase your brand awareness and brand loyalty.  Your community will want the product or service to succeed and will give you appropriate feedback to ensure it does.  They become invested and they do not want you to fail.

Word of mouth is still the most cost-effective way to raise awareness and grow your business.  Your customers are more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend or respected peer.  Members of your community are more likely to give unsolicited testimonials for you. 

Brand ambassador programs are worth exploring, however there is an element of incentivisation which in our view weakens the strength of the community and is not as cost effective.

As a brand your ultimate marketing goal is to create brand affiliation and a strong connection to the brand’s values, cause, reason and/or traditions.  If you can win here, you are well on your way to business success. 

Toowoomba Digital, as a regional digital consulting firm, understands the importance of community and will help your business establish, communicate with, and grow yours.