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Stephen receiving the Regional Online Heroes National Winner award in 2016 on behalf of AGDATA Australia, where he has been the Business Development and Marketing Manager for over 5 years.
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Regional Marketing and Innovation Consultant

Email Marketing Success

With experience in the use of platforms such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid & Vision 6 we can work with your existing email package or set one up for you that will integrate with the rest of your systems.

Social Media Marketing

We've got the runs on the board proving that we can build your social media presence and following with ideal customers to meet your business goals.

Integrated Marketing

Whilst our strength is in the digital space we can integrate traditional marketing activities into the mix seamlessly. Let us help you prepare for your next event, write the copy for your next brochure or arrange media interviews. We're here to help.

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To be the marketing agency of choice for small to medium businesses.

  • Digital business solution integration
  • Customer Behaviour
  • Practical marketing support.

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