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Struggling with your branding? It can be really easy to oversimplify what branding is. It is not a just a logo and a letterhead.  Don't fall into this trap, it encompasses all aspects of your marketing strategy.  If you get your branding wrong, you are pushing up hill before you have even started. We have selected 6 sub categories from a long list to discuss here.  If you need information on any of the others please get in contact.  We're can help.


Our goal is to make sure we're branding your product so that it identifies and differentiates from other products. An effective product brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.  We utilise market surveys, market research and your product knowledge to develop the product brand.  A common misperception is that branding is a product name or logo.  Sure, that comes into it, but the supporting message and the emotional engagement with the product needs to be understood.


Service branding can be a real challenge because the customer or client of that service cannot always hold the outcome in their hand and feel it.  What we are marketing is the perceived value of the service.  Professional services never want to be competing on price point, because that is the quickest route to the bottom. Professional services need to appeal to their customers emotions.  Customer service and relationship creation have never been so important as today.  Treat your clients as a number at your own peril.


Create positive public perception through a number of methods and community programs.  We will work with your Public Relations and Marketing teams to bring independent external insight to your corporate brand.


What does your personal brand say about you?  We look at your publically available social media profiles and provide advice to enhance your career and personal opportunities.  Our extensive experience in positioning your Linked In profile ensures it supports your resume and business.  We will partner you with an appropriate personal brand coach or consultant to work with you on your presence, impact, fashion, or provide you with media training if required.


Being a regional business, we understand the importance of Place branding more than most in our industry. We work with regions, councils or associations to create the appropriate brand that will bring people and business to your location for holidays, residence or business.


Constituents need to know and understand your policies, values and, you need to know what is important to your constituents.  Delivering the right integrated marketing communications plan is vital to your success in politics.

Struggling with your brand identity & message?

We're always happy to discuss your needs and offer advice on the right direction for your business.