Small Business Digital Readiness

Digital Audit

We’re here to help your small business go digital. Does your business have unexplored opportunities in the digital space to capitalise upon? Commonwealth Bank research tells us that up to 80% of small and medium businesses are delaying the adoption of digital technologies that could provide long-term benefits to their business. Is it time for you to move out of that 80% and into the leading 20% who have already moved ahead.

Small Business Digital Capability Development

You may be capable of doing a little or a lot, either way we can support your transition to digital.  Some of the areas that we can help with;

  • Website development
  • Hosting
  • Digital Security
  • Digital Workforce
  • Local Government Digital Advisory Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Ideation
  • App Integration
  • Digital Consolidation
  • Digital Literacy

Digital Action Plan

Register for your Digital Audit to independently identify your businesses digital strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Following the audit we will discuss and devise a Digital Action Plan to support your business plan for success!