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Taking the Bad with the Good

Recently, I was working with my neighbours putting in the foundations for a shed they were building. The son had taken over the family property through a succession plan. It was interesting to listen to each different perspective. Each generation talked about their surroundings, challenges, achievements and plans for the future; and the differences began to surface.

Moving on

The discussion shifted to a tree near the old family house. The father described it as having the most amazing flowers. He had recently purchased an empty block and built his dream house. He was now considering the trees and garden that he would plant around the new house.

Out of the box thinking

The son saw the tree in a much different light having done much mowing below the tree and described the massive seed pods that the tree produced. He had plans of removing the tree with a chainsaw.  The father I felt was considering planting one in his new yard.  The obvious solution is that they hire a tree relocation firm, but it was possibly felt that the cost would be prohibitive.

Different needs

My observation was that the older generation is prepared to live with the bad elements to benefit from the good. Whereas, the new generation held onto the short term and negative aspects in spite of the long term good. In business, we often go for the quick solution; when a bit of hard work, focus and determination will achieve a much better outcome. Be prepared to have to shift a few seed pods each year to see the benefits of a blooming great business.

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