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Facebook Verification

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Facebook introduced grey verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for businesses and organisations are authentic.

However, they've found that they can be more confusing than helpful, so they're removing them on 30 October 2019. As a result, there will no longer be a grey badge. 

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Facebook Verification: is it important?

Is it worth the few minutes it takes to apply to Facebook for a little grey tick to confirm that ‘yes, my business really does exist’? Research into this topic revealed that it can allow a business to connect with more potential customers and access to more of Facebooks business tools .

Since your page has been reviewed by the organisation, Facebook will be more likely to steer potential clients towards your page and the page will appear higher in searches for businesses like yours. Potential customers will then see the tick and know that you can be trusted, and your business does exist, so they aren’t being scammed. This extra push for your page can be very simple to do and you will reap profitable rewards.

How do you get your page verified?

Firstly, you’ll require three simple things; some proof of business registration, proof of business address or phone number validation and proof of association to the business you represent. Proof of business registration can be your business license, business name registration or any government document that certifies that your business is officially registered with authorities. Evidence of business address or phone number can be a utility bill, bank statement, business license or any official document that was sent to the address of your organisation for your organisation. Proof of association to the business can involve a simple answering of the phone registered with your business or by E-mail if the domain of your E-mail address matches your organisation (domains such as or are not acceptable). So now that you have these things, how do you verify the account?

Follow these simple steps…

  • Whilst logged into your page, click on settings
  • In the General section, note Page verification and select [Get Verified]
  • Enter your details and upload the documents stated above by following the prompts
  • Finished, it’s just that easy


Why would you not verify your business when it only takes a few simple steps that reap a reward to your business that can help grow awareness of your business in users of Facebook as well as more trust in what your selling in anyone that comes across your page thanks to Facebook steering more customers to your door. Invest a few minutes of your time and verify your Facebook page as it will help your business.

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