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Engaging social media channels

It’s not advertising

Is your business utilising social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linked in successfully?  Are you essentially using it as a form of advertising?  Still locked into traditional media marketing?  If you are, your social media channels are being ignored by your customers and prospective customers.

Customer engagement

Newspaper advertising doesn’t cut it in the quick glance world of social media.  If you are looking for engagement you need to talk less about your business, and more about your customers.  Many businesses struggle with having the time to learn what their clients customers social discussion needs are.  This is a huge challenge and takes some time to understand.  Listening is a great way to start.  Our first tip with social media is to join the various social media channels, connecting with your customers trying not to broadcast.  Listen to the discussion taking place.  Add value or knowledge to the discussion and get involved when you are comfortable.

Social Media Channels - The Oval, Round or Square window?

Sometimes choosing the right social media channels can seem like picking a window on Play School.

Build trust with your social media channels

The trust you have with your customers can very quickly become undermined by poor social media management. Don’t compromise your business by not understanding the channel or your customers utilisation of that channel.  We recommend to add value by being interesting, informative (not about your products or services all the time), entertaining (be aware of ‘good taste’) and engaging.  If you need help with this please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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