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Campaign Management


Toowoomba Digital will manage your online marketing efforts to drive customer engagement, conversions, traffic and ultimately your revenue.  We will work with you to attain your specific business goal.

In the planning process we will outline your goals, budget, who your target customers are and what length of time the campaign will be needed to achieve those goals.  The project then moves onto the campaign development phase where we will work on the strategy to determine the campaign voice, key words, and messages. The best channels to access your audience will be discovered and a consistent approach will be determined.  Throughout the whole campaign the success and value of the campaign will be managed, reported, and adjusted.

During the implementation of the campaign, we will coordinate the various assets such as landing pages and content to ensure the best possible customer experience whilst creating a seamless sales journey.

The benefit of a digital marketing campaign over a physical campaign is that it is much easier to stop, pause, regroup, and restart when things out of your control go wrong.  Eg; COVID-19 Pandemic.  We are all human and sometimes it is possible to read the market incorrectly.  In the case of a digital campaign you can easily pivot the campaign in a new direction once the problem is discovered.

Toowoomba Digital will work with you and your team to simplify what can sometimes seem like a complicated process.