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Why get better?

Opportunities often hide behind change that you may not be willing to make or even able to comprehend at this point nor see needing change as the current methods achieve the bare minimum goals. This resistance to change can also be thanks to fear that replacing the old may not work, take too long to learn or make it harder for you. This fear is shared by new and old business’s alike, but a little risk can reap rewards as explained by the concept ‘The better you get, the better you’d better get’. It suggests that alongside improving, you should also become efficient and effective in your improvement otherwise the business faces failure.

The evolution of the telephone

Is resistance to change holding your business back?

So why can’t you just keep all the old attributes of the business that works and add on the new aspects? The answer is that you can keep the old but keeping everything from the original business. Keeping everything would be akin to a store that has old computers that work but not very well. The store then decides to just buy two more new computers instead of replacing all the old ones. They then still have the problems of the old computers to deal with and so have not solved their problem. Their reasoning? The old computers had familiar programs and all staff know how to use them. This means there is no pressure on the employees to learn to use the new laptops and when the old computers inevitably stop working, not many employees can use them. In the long term, without innovation and change, the business will suffer.

Bringing in an ‘Outsider’ to get better

The first step to this change is to figure out how your business needs to change and if that change is possible. However, finding the faults in your own creation can often be difficult or impossible, especially if everything has stayed the same for a long time. It’s a concept as difficult as accepting responsibility for your own actions and according to studies performed by Stanford university, it’s extremely difficult to do. The study shows that many people will only admit to it if they believe they can change. So, what do you do when you can’t change without changing? The solution to this ‘catch 22’ is an outsider’s perspective.

Many hands make light work.

Get Better through Tough Love

An outsider can be a friend or a close business partner, as long as they are able to give you a fresh outlook, are trustworthy and can be blunt with you. Their involvement with the business means they will be able to find faults and be able to give suggestions that you can consider. These suggestions may be a little too much for now as the changes are drastic and could possibly go terribly wrong in your opinion. That leads us to the next point you need to remember when you change things, in personal or work life. Change needs to occur slowly in order for it to work.

Take prudent risks

People will usually respond badly to change that occurs too quickly with too much being changed at once. The business is working and growing so not everything needs to be changed straight way to get better. Just some small things first, then progress into more risky things. In the words of Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods inc. till 2017, “I talk a lot about taking risks, and then I follow that up very quickly by saying, ‘Take prudent risks.’” Understand the repercussions of the changes you are going to make and make sure you have plans against things that may go wrong.

Gradual or incremental change is recommended

This safe guarding will insure that everyone involved in the changes will be more comfortable and be able to communicate to customers what is happening. You need to make sure everyone is made aware of changes in case of something going wrong. Slow change helps with keeping others in the loop as sometimes information can move slowly in the groups involved. A gradual change also allows for people to become used to the small changes and prepare for large changes. This makes a business better at changing.

Your time to thrive is now

A business that changes and moves to get better and reflect the consumers is a business that succeeds. You need to be able to be flexible and move with the wants and needs of consumers otherwise you risk losing them. You need to understand ‘the better you get, the better you’d better get’ to make sure your business continues to thrive like it has.


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Desktop Photo showing user on Facebook

Facebook Verification

New information on this topic

Facebook introduced grey verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for businesses and organisations are authentic.

However, they've found that they can be more confusing than helpful, so they're removing them on 30 October 2019. As a result, there will no longer be a grey badge. 

Best practices to improve Page visibility and follower engagement

Facebook Verification: is it important?

Is it worth the few minutes it takes to apply to Facebook for a little grey tick to confirm that ‘yes, my business really does exist’? Research into this topic revealed that it can allow a business to connect with more potential customers and access to more of Facebooks business tools .

Since your page has been reviewed by the organisation, Facebook will be more likely to steer potential clients towards your page and the page will appear higher in searches for businesses like yours. Potential customers will then see the tick and know that you can be trusted, and your business does exist, so they aren’t being scammed. This extra push for your page can be very simple to do and you will reap profitable rewards.

How do you get your page verified?

Firstly, you’ll require three simple things; some proof of business registration, proof of business address or phone number validation and proof of association to the business you represent. Proof of business registration can be your business license, business name registration or any government document that certifies that your business is officially registered with authorities. Evidence of business address or phone number can be a utility bill, bank statement, business license or any official document that was sent to the address of your organisation for your organisation. Proof of association to the business can involve a simple answering of the phone registered with your business or by E-mail if the domain of your E-mail address matches your organisation (domains such as @gmail.com or @yahoo.com are not acceptable). So now that you have these things, how do you verify the account?

Follow these simple steps…

  • Whilst logged into your page, click on settings
  • In the General section, note Page verification and select [Get Verified]
  • Enter your details and upload the documents stated above by following the prompts
  • Finished, it’s just that easy


Why would you not verify your business when it only takes a few simple steps that reap a reward to your business that can help grow awareness of your business in users of Facebook as well as more trust in what your selling in anyone that comes across your page thanks to Facebook steering more customers to your door. Invest a few minutes of your time and verify your Facebook page as it will help your business.


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